CONCACAF Looks Set To Get Fourth World Cup Qualifying Spot

Posted In Rumors - By Kevin McCauley On Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 With 0 Comments

In recent cycles, CONCACAF has had 3.5 World Cup qualifying spots, meaning that three teams qualify directly for the tournament while a fourth team entered into a playoff. If Duane Rollins at Canadian Soccer News’s 24th Minute blog is to be believed, CONCACAF looks set to pick up a fourth World Cup qualifying spot. If you’re not familiar with Duane, he’s not a random rumor spreading blogger, but rather a guy who actually has sources inside the Canadian Soccer Association and knows what he’s talking about. While this may not be finalized, it certainly isn’t baseless and I’d put the odds on it actually happening at much better than 50-50. FIFA should be making the announcement on March 3rd.

Duane had another post today explaining why CONCACAF deserves another spot, and it’s hard to disagree with him. While we can argue for days about whether or not CONCACAF’s elite are better than the likes of Japan, South Korea, Ghana, and Cameroon, CONCACAF is certainly deeper than Asia, is similar in depth to Africa, and its teams have a better track record of World Cup success.

So, why is this post here at The Allocation Order? Simple. More CONCACAF teams in the World Cup means more CONCACAF players in the World Cup. Having more CONCACAF players in the World Cup can only be good for Major League Soccer.

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