JP Dellacamera Looks Set To Become Fox Soccer Channel’s Lead MLS Announcer, America Wins

Posted In Rumors - By Kevin McCauley On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 With 0 Comments

It’s not confirmed by either ESPN or FSC at this point, but if Michael Lewis’s sources are correct, soccer announcing is about to get better on multiple levels in the United States. It appears that JP Dellacamera is set to make a moved from the Worldwide Leader to Fox Soccer Channel to become the latter network’s lead MLS announcer, leaving Adrian Healey as the lead MLS announcer on ESPN. For those of you wondering how big FSC wins with this or how much ESPN loses, you’re missing the point. The real winner? America.

No disrespect to Brian Dunseth, who seems like a really good and knowledgeable guy, but play by play wasn’t really his thing. He was okay at it and didn’t make me feel like I had to mute my television, but Dellacamera is a straight up pro and it seems like the guy lives and breathes MLS. Additionally, Adrian Healey is - in my opinion - the most underrated sports announcer in the United States, period. Dunny and Bretos aren’t bad, but if almost every single national broadcast of MLS will be called by either Dellacamera or Healey, everyone wins. They’re both top notch professional soccer announcers, and this year will be the first year that top notch professional soccer announcers will be calling every single nationally televised MLS game.

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