Proof Major League Soccer Has Made It: Los Angeles Galaxy On Groupon

Posted In News - By Kevin McCauley On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 With 3 Comments

Do you live in Los Angeles? Are you not already a Los Angeles Galaxy season ticket holder? Do you like live soccer? Well, then does Groupon have a deal for you!

If 75 people buy the Groupon (37 at the time of this posting), they can get half off tickets for Galaxy games. The deal applies to season tickets, single game tickets, and six game packs. The last of those seems like a really sweet deal, since it’s affordable on the budget of just about anyone who is gainfully employed ($92) and it comes out to an average of about $15 per game ticket.

I’m not sure if I should be really happy that an MLS team is utilizing this marketing tool in an attempt to get more people in the stadium or discouraged that an MLS team is putting tickets on Groupon because they can’t sell out at face value. I guess that anywhere else, this would be a bad thing. In a place like, say, Kansas City, the stadium doesn’t hold that many people, it’s brand new, and the competition for entertainment dollars isn’t particularly high. In Los Angeles, the stadium seats 27,000 people, it’s not a novelty anymore, and there’s lots of competition for entertainment dollars.

So, in this situation? Awesome marketing strategy. There are 16 hours left to purchase at the time of this posting, so hopefully they get well into the hundreds, if not into the four figures of people to buy the Groupon.

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  1. Uh…excuse you sir, but there is a lot to do in Kansas City. Like going to watch the Royals lose or…umm…there’s the Plaza and….The Power and Light District! Ok, that’s pretty much it…

  2. Clayton says:

    Chicago has been doing this for awhile to fill up their party deck.

  3. Singhe says:

    They didn’t mention that these seats are in the visiting fans’ section…

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