MLS Rumor Mill: FC Dallas Close To Signing 18 Year Old Colombian Fabian Castillo?

Posted In Rumors, Transfers - By Kevin McCauley On Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 With 0 Comments

Here’s an interesting rumor to start your afternoon. According to Colombian paper El Heraldo, FC Dallas is about to sign Fabian Castillo, an 18 year old Colombian striker from Deportivo Cali. According to the paper, Castillo will join Dallas in 10 days and the fee for 50% of his rights was $800,000. This sounds plausible for a couple reasons, and bogus for a couple more.

Reasons this could be legit: Deportivo Cali need money, Dallas should be interested in an 18 year old forward who already plays first team football and represents his country at U-20 level, El Heraldo isn’t a rag, he’s represented by Fredy Montero’s agent.

Reasons this could be bogus: $800,000 is a lot of money for MLS to pay for a youngster, Cali might hold out for more money if he really is a great player, the part about him joining in 10 days is kind of random and odd.

Hat tip to our friends Daniel and Drew at Big D Soccer, who made us aware of this story. I highly recommend bookmarking their site, it’s a fantastic FC Dallas blog.


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