Kerrea Gilbert Transfer Saga Sort Of Bizarre, Portland Timbers Owner Speaks

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A month ago, it seemed like Kerrea Gilbert would eventually make his way to the United States and start training for the Portland Timbers. It was generally accepted that the deal was all but done to bring the player over from Arsenal, and that when he did show up, he would almost instantly become Portland’s starting right back. Well, it hasn’t gone that way, and Gilbert is still not a Timbers player a couple of days before First Kick. Yesterday, Timbers owner Merritt Paulsen cast doubt on the transfer.

For the number of you who just said “but that’s,” hear me out. Yeah, publishes a lot of baseless garbage, but they balance out that baseless garbage with some legitimate coverage. Also, the author cites a radio interview. If he made it up, he would have been called out by the way. Oh, and I know the author. He’s a good guy who is not one of the people who Goal pays to create funny rumors. And he works with me on a site about Mexican football. So, that’s settled!

If you were unaware, Portland’s situation along the back line is…not ideal. If they don’t sign Gilbert or another equivalent right back, it could be a rough first year for the Timbers Army, though I’m sure they’ll sing their way through 5-0 drubbings.

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