What Exactly Are Sporting Kansas City Doing?

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Sporting Kansas City signed three players yesterday, but this club still has money to spare. After trading Jack Jewsberry to Portland for allocation money SKC now have 23 players under contract. Since the end of last season Kansas City has shed more than $1 million in payroll by offloading players like Jimmy Conrad, Josh Wolff, Zoltan Hercegfalvi, Sunil Chhetri, Nikos Kounenakis, and several more. The salary cap for the MLS this season is $2,675,000, so even with the addition of designated player Omar Bravo it would seem that SKC have some money to spend.

Obviously we don’t know what the three players signed for yesterday, but it’s safe to say none of them are going to break the bank. This means that SKC potentially have enough money to sign the “max-salary” attacking midfielder that Peter Vermes and Robb Heineman have talked about needing to play their high pressure 4-3-3. (Side note: Awesome article here about SKC’s tactics and how they may play this season)

No matter what, with all this salary cap space and allocation money look for Kansas City to be players in the trade/transfer market in the coming weeks. Or they could give that money to some of the trialists in camp. Or stand pat for now and attempt to sign a second designated player during the summer.

Personally, SKC is a side that needs depth and making some moves to bring in reinforcements seems like a smart and safe decision.  On the other hand, smart and safe may not be what this team needs. This is a team that’s moving to a new stadium and hasn’t qualified for the playoffs in the last two seasons. If Kansas City wants to build on the third place finish they had last year and ensure that they fill up their new park they need to make a signing that has impact and soon. Waiting until summer to sign another DP might be sound, but it needs to be a big name.

What do you think Sporting Kansas City should/will do?

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