Things We Hope Are A Piss Take: Jeff Agoos To Become MLS Technical Director?

Posted In Rumors - By Kevin McCauley On Monday, March 28th, 2011 With 3 Comments

Seriously, we hope this isn’t a real thing. If a tweet by Ives Galarcep has any hint of legitimacy, Major League Soccer might have just hired Jeff Agoos as their technical director. This is stashed in the rumor category because we don’t have any confirmation yet, but as we’ve stated before, Ives isn’t in the department of simply making things up. We can only hope that either he is taking the piss or whoever fed him that information is taking the piss out of him. Because, you know, seriously?

As a player, I’ve got nothing but love for Jeff Agoos. He was one of my favorite players when I was growing up, no question about it. But as a technical director? He didn’t come off as anything even approaching competent in New York. He was an absolute disaster, leading the team to last place and record low attendances. There’s no way that he’s the best candidate for a job like this. Then again, after Major League Soccer’s website debacle, should this surprise anyone? They’re obviously not great at finding the right talent to hire, save for the awesome Shawn Francis.

Please let this be false.

Update: Looks like this is true. Siiiiiiigh.


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  1. Matt in SF says:

    Jeff Agoos enjoys a strong reputation. Sorry that he didn’t bring a Cup to NY, but he won 5 of them just as a player so he must know something.

    • Kevin McCauley says:

      Oh, I’m sure he knows something. Jeff Agoos certainly knows more about football than I do. But there’s also no way he was the best possible candidate for this job.

  2. islandofmind says:

    What does a league technical director do? He won’t be selecting talent for my club so why get so uptight about it? Perhaps you could fill me in.
    And. . . . Website debacle? Do you mean last year? The website is working fine now and I see no cause to make an issue of year(s)-old news now.

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