MLS Waiver Draft Takes Place Wednesday, Waiver List Set

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Following yesterday’s roster compliance day in MLS, a variety of players have been put on waivers, the full list of which can be seen here. This leads into the MLS Waiver Draft, which will take place on Wednesday. D.C. United have the first pick, and there are a couple of decent players for them and other teams to pick up and add some depth to their roster in deficient areas. Here’s a quick look at some guys in the waiver draft who might be worth a second chance for an MLS team.

Sinisa Ubiparipovic

Former club: New York Red Bulls

Ubiparipovic is a versatile midfielder with some solid technical skill by MLS standards, but he never really stuck with the Red Bulls. Born in the former Yugoslavia, in what is now Boznia and Herzegovina, Ubiparipovic also has a green card, making him a more attractive prospect to a lot of teams. He was probably never going to get a shot in Hans Backe’s Red Bulls team, but he probably deserves a second chance somewhere. Preferably on a team that needs a wide player who can cut in and play some defense as well.

Anthony Obodai

Former club: Houston Dynamo

Obodai played a lot of games last year and looked fairly competent, but a variety of factors lead to Houston not having room for him. If a team needs a holding midfielder with decent positional sense and tackling ability, Obodai might be a good pickup. His major detractions are that he is a foreign player and that his technique is lacking for a player that plays in the center of midfield.

Nick Zimmerman

Former club: Philadelphia Union

Once a well-rated young prospect, Zimmerman has failed to stick with either New York or Philly. The central midfielder is only 23 years old, so it would be hard to believe that no one would be willing to give him another chance. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him go the way of Ryan Pore of Portland if he doesn’t get picked up. He’s physically talented enough to play in MLS, but he may need to prove himself in D2 first.

Pablo Campos

Former club: Real Salt Lake

Campos has been just a bit part player for both San Jose and Real Salt Lake in his two seasons in the league, but it seems likely that someone will be willing to give a 6’3″ forward with some respectable skills another chance. He won’t light the world on fire, but he’s competent. There are a few teams in MLS who are seriously lacking striker depth, so he could very well get claimed. A good bench option for Vancouver, perhaps?

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