Opta And MLS Ink Deal, Stat Nerds Squeal Like Beliebers

Posted In News - By Kevin McCauley On Friday, March 4th, 2011 With 0 Comments

ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM? Major League Soccer has inked a deal with Opta Sports, the awesome company who provides great statistics on football around the world. They’re known for their twitter accounts giving out obscure and hard to find stats on football from every corner of the globe, and they’re also the official data provider of the German Bundesliga. Opta announced their partnership with MLS via a statement on their website.

For years, MLS fans have cried out for access to more statistical information, so this partnership should be music to their ears. It’s very difficult to find very basic statistics on MLS games, like possession percentages, so it’s a massive breath of fresh air to see them partner with a company that will not only provide us with the very basic information that MLS should have been providing for years, but will also go much deeper. This will significantly enhance the experience of the typical American stat-head sports fan, and it will allow us to do some seriously nerdy stuff here at TAO.

You can follow the Opta Sports twitter account for U.S. soccer at @OptaJack.

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