MLS Rumor Mill: Harry Kewell Interested In A Move To MLS

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Is Harry Kewell MLS bound?

It’s not really news that a formerly great player, nearing the end of his career would be interested in making some good money in MLS, but seeing as Harry Kewell’s Galatasaray team hasn’t shown anyone anything recently, who knows what the Australian international has left in the tank? Fox Sports Australia put out a report reiterating Kewell’s interest in making a move to Major League Soccer, and to be honest, it’s the kind of rumor that makes a whole lot of sense. At 32 years old, it’s likely that Kewell still has a couple of solid years to give to a professional team at a level slightly lower than what is asked of him at Galatasaray. MLS is lacking in quality left wingers. Everybody wins, right?

Well, this probably depends on what kind of money Kewell would be looking for. If he wants his wages matched, there likely isn’t an MLS club willing to do that. If he wants low designated player money, just barely over the threshold, more teams might be interested in talking. I’m pulling this completely out of my rear-end, but for a player of Kewell’s age, pedigree, skills, and potential commercial appeal, a salary of somewhere around $500k would seem like a reasonable number. Would any team pay that kind of money, and is Kewell interested in coming for that little? Our inability to answer that question is what makes this little more than a fun rumor.

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