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This is the final week in the first set of weeks. If your team has fared anything like mine has, you are still at least within an arms-length of your mini-league leader. I am unfortunate enough to have someone in my league (who I think is using my own data to bolster his own insight) currently is in the top 25 in the entire game. Good thing I still have 10 more weeks to catch him before I owe him a beer at the allstar break. I am out of transfers after using my final 3 to take advantage of the double last week, which paid off nicely as I brought in Shea, Wondolowski and Donovan for 48 points. Anyway, I’m sure you all want to get down to it and make your final selections for week 10.

This week has Vancouver and DC without a match. The DC blank won’t matter too much since Davies is out injured anyways, and he is the only United player that I would even consider bringing into my side. Vancouver could present a bit more of a problem, as there are several decent attacking options (Camilo, Chiumiento, Hassli) who will put up blanks if they’re in your squad. Neither team has much of a defense to speak of. If you have anyone from their backline in your team, you need to reevaluate your system.

Predicted goals scored:

2011 2010+
Chicago 0.6 1.4
Chivas 1.6 0.9
Colorado 4.5 3.3
Columbus 0.5 1.1
Dallas 0.5 1.3
DCU x x
Houston 0.9 2.0
LA 1.0 1.3
NE 0.6 0.7
Philly 2.0 2.4
POR 3.9 2.5
RBNY 1.3 1.7
RSL 0.7 0.8
Seattle 3.3 2.0
SJ 2.1 2.4
SKC 2.1 1.3
TFC 0.8 0.7
VAN x x

I’m not too hot on any team offensively this week. Sure, the numbers for Portland, Seattle, and Colorado are all tempting but II think they each have their limitations. Portland’s style is too direct and I think the Columbus defense will be able to limit the damage. Seattle is plagued by injuries, with 5 of their top 7 offensive producers being injured for the match against Portland last week. Rosales and Friberg could make a comeback, which would be a big boost a Seattle offense that looked lost aside from Montero and Fernandez. Colorado also has an offense plagued by injury. Casey and Smith are your picks if you want to try to capitalize on a poor Toronto defense.

Predicted goals allowed:

2011 2010+
Chicago 2.0 2.4
Chivas 1.0 1.3
Colorado 0.8 0.7
Columbus 3.9 2.5
Dallas 0.7 0.8
DCU x x
Houston 1.3 1.7
LA 1.6 0.9
NE 2.1 2.4
Philly 0.6 1.4
POR 0.5 1.1
RBNY 0.9 2.0
RSL 0.5 1.3
Seattle 1.2 1.0
SJ 0.6 0.7
SKC 3.3 2.0
TFC 4.5 3.3
VAN x x

On the defensive side of things, I don’t see a whole lot of sure picks either. I think your best bets at a clean sheet this week are likely Colorado and Dallas. So, overall, I am not too impressed with many fantasy prospects this week on either side of the ball.

Team of the week:


Ihemelu, Marshall, Valdez, Wallace

Jewsbury, Smith, Friberg, Labrocca

Casey, Wondolowski

Subs: Busch, Valentin, Rodgers, Montero

Team Value: 98.4

Captain picks:

Casey – Colorado at home is always a threat to score. Colorado happens to play a team that gives up goals rather easily. With Cummings and Folan likely out, Casey will be the go-to man.

Wondolowski – Wondo is San Jose’s main threat (and just about their only consistent one). He’s scored in each of the last

Smith – See Conor Casey above – same reasoning, except for a midfield player. He has less chance of scoring a goal, but added benefit of a likely cleansheet.

Montero – This one is rather contingent on some of Seattle’s midfielders getting healthy enough to play this week. If any two of Evans, Friberg, and Rosales play, Montero has a good chance to contribute to his fantasy points haul.

Donovan – He’s the in-form player of the league. He’s got 7 goals and an assist in the last 5 games – absolutely blazing form. He’s “away” to an in-form Chivas, but could still produce results.

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