Adrian Cann Leaves Toronto FC Training Camp Over Contract Dispute

Posted In News - By Kevin McCauley On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 With 0 Comments

Here’s an interesting story! Despite the fact that he’s in the second year of a four year contract and the team has (supposedly) been willing to negotiate a new contract, Toronto FC defender Adrian Cann has left the team’s training camp in the southeast and returned to Toronto. The club reports that he has been offered a new contract, but that he rejected that offer.

It seems really curious that a player in the second year of a four year contract would just walk out of camp over a contract dispute. Even if the new contract the team offered him didn’t have much of a raise at all, it seems unreasonable for Cann to walk out on camp over it. Then again, this news did come from the team themselves, and they have an obvious interest in painting Cann as the bad guy. They’ve succeeded in this regard and it seems very difficult to justify Cann’s actions, but there is almost certainly a side to this story that has not yet been told. Of course, Dwayne De Rosario went on a trial this winter without even informing the club after making a goal celebration where he mimed signing a check, so it wouldn’t exactly be stunning to learn that TFC isn’t treating their players well.

In any event, when a guy in year two of a four year contract walks out of training camp over a contract dispute, someone is being an unreasonable jerk.

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