2011 MLS Kit Countdown: Los Angeles Galaxy

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we bring you the uniforms of the Los Angeles Galaxy, the third best in MLS.

L.A. has had quality threads for a while now, and 2011 is just a refinement of the team’s look. Simple color scheme, simple logo, and a simple sponsor add up to one of the sleekest uniforms in MLS. The whole uniform set with the white/navy/yellow color scheme is like what Tottenham Hotspur was trying to do a couple years ago, and utterly failed. This is how they should’ve done it.

The home jersey is the epitome of good Adidas detailing. The blue on the shoulders, the gold piping… it’s all just so masterful and clean. A subtle touch many may not notice is the gold on the collar, which is also a fantastic choice.

The away jersey is new for this year, fitting the template of the home uni. It fits the whole look very well.

Although the Galaxy have the most ’90s team name of all time, their logo is well-designed, fitting with the minimalist M.O. of the uniforms.

The Herbalife sponsor is integrated well into the shirts, and it gets bonus points for being a local Los Angeles company. I know what you’re thinking: “a California company called Herbalife?” But no, as far as I know they do not promote drug use.

L.A.’s uniforms are very fitting for Major League Soccer’s flagship franchise. “Davey Becks and American Hero Landon Donovan in Southern California” is the tantalizing dish MLS is serving to mainstream America, and the uniforms are the mouth-watering creme fraiche to complete a tasty meal.

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