Top 5 Athletes Cashing In Big with Crypto Payments

Navigating the New Financial Frontier: Athletes Leading the Charge in Crypto Earnings

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The trend of athletes taking a portion of their earnings in cryptocurrency is more than just a passing fad; it's a statement that reflects their belief in the long-term potential of digital currencies. Many of these sports stars are not just passive earners but proactive investors who are looking to diversify their income streams and take charge of their financial legacy. This shift to digital earnings is particularly notable among top athletes, who are often trendsetters and risk-takers willing to venture into new territories before the mainstream catches on.

Russell Okung, an NFL player, famously converted half of his $13 million salary into Bitcoin in 2020. Okung made his move via a payment startup that converts direct deposits into Bitcoin, thereby becoming the first NFL player to receive a salary in cryptocurrency. At the time of conversion, Bitcoin's value was significantly lower than it is at present, which suggests that Okung's crypto earnings have seen a substantial appreciation, underscoring the potential financial upside for athletes in crypto transactions.

Spencer Dinwiddie, an NBA player, took the concept even further by tokenizing his $34 million contract, allowing him to raise money upfront while giving investors a stake in his future earnings. Beyond his own contract, Dinwiddie launched Calaxy, a platform designed to provide creators and athletes with tools to monetize their following via crypto assets. His forward-thinking approach not only signifies the potential for individual earnings but also highlights the larger possibilities crypto offers in terms of fan engagement and personal branding.

In mixed martial arts, fighters like Ben Askren and Rory MacDonald have openly endorsed Bitcoin, with MacDonald taking a portion of his fight earnings in Bitcoin. Endorsements from such high-profile athletes help to bring mainstream attention to cryptocurrencies and provide tangible examples of its utility.

Soccer stars have not been left out of the crypto revolution either. Lionel Messi's transfer deal to Paris Saint-Germain included payment in PSG fan tokens, showing a blend of cryptocurrency with fan engagement and club branding. Some of Messi's earnings tied to the fan tokens could fluctuate with the market, adding an interesting variable element to his income.

Lastly, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has been involved in various cryptocurrency projects, including promoting ICOs and releasing his own NFT collection.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital finance, cryptocurrency is not just attracting tech enthusiasts and investors; it has also caught the attention of the sports world. Some of today’s top athletes have leveraged their fame and fortunes to enter the cryptocurrency space, both as investors and as recipients of payment. Let's take a closer look at top athletes who have embraced the crypto wave and are scoring big off the playing field.

**Russell Okung** - The NFL offensive tackle was one of the first athletes to make headlines for his involvement with cryptocurrency. Okung made a bold move by converting half of his $13 million salary into Bitcoin. His decision was facilitated by the payment startup Zap, which uses a protocol that enables traditional paychecks to be converted into Bitcoin. While some viewed it as a risk, the rising value of Bitcoin has paid off considerably for Okung, placing him at the forefront of crypto adoption in sports.

**Spencer Dinwiddie** - The NBA has seen its fair share of crypto enthusiasts, but Spencer Dinwiddie truly set the bar. The Brooklyn Nets guard launched his own digital investment vehicle, tying his contract to a digital token offering. This innovative contract structure allowed investors to bet on his future earnings, with dividends to be paid out in cryptocurrency. Dinwiddie's embrace of the digital currency world showcases the potential for crypto to intersect with athletes' earnings and investment strategies.

**Lionel Messi** - Often claimed as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi has also delved into the cryptocurrency world. By partnering with various blockchain projects, Messi has received payments in both traditional currency and cryptocurrencies. His openness to receiving a portion of his income through crypto tokens not only adds to his vast wealth but also serves as a strong endorsement for the technology, potentially influencing many of his fans and followers.

**Serena Williams** - Serena Williams, a legend in the world of tennis, has shown a keen interest in the technology and finance sector through her venture capital firm, Serena Ventures. Among various investments, the firm has included cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain-enabled projects. Although not directly about receiving payments in cryptocurrency, Williams' active participation in the space indicates a growing trend among athletes to invest in and capitalize on the burgeoning crypto market.

**Canelo Álvarez** - The boxing superstar Saul 'Canelo' Álvarez inked a deal that included Bitcoin as part of his payment.